Thursday, January 20, 2011


After running errands with my 11 year old daughter, then picking up my 6 year old son from Kindergarten, I needed to stop at the grocery store. I hurried around the store, picking up this and that, then headed for the self-checkout lanes.

I swipe my club card; "Invalid phone number." Huh?

I swipe my club card again; "Invalid phone number." OK, now, this is getting annoying!

As the attendant walks by, I say to her, "My club card won't work." She looks at it, and says "It's a King Soopers card." I explain that I know, but that it's always worked before, since King Soopers & City Market are BOTH Kroeger stores; after all, I've been using that card at City Market since I moved to GJ 1.5 years ago! 

She looks at me, smiles sweetly, and says, "This is Safeway."

As I said earlier: Duuuuhhhhh......

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