Thursday, January 20, 2011


I seem to be having more and more trouble keeping my thoughts in order. There always seems to be something distracting me. It's like a squirrel stopped to have a snack on the railroad tracks in front of the train my brain is on, and when the train hit it, the train derailed. Most of the cars have fallen into a ravine sooooo deep that there is absolutely NO HOPE of getting them out. Some are hanging off the edge in such a precarious position that I hope a butterfly doesn't fly by; the gentle flutter of the wings as it passes by could very well be enough to knock the car over the edge! 

Not one of the cars is unaffected by the derailment caused by the squirrel (though some are more affected than others). Though some of the cars may be nudged just a bit off track, it's enough to stop the train completely. Sometimes it's just that there were only a couple of cars in this train to begin with; sometimes it's a VERY large squirrel! Either way, the damage is done, and my brain must start over from scratch.

What does this all mean for us 'airheads'?


I don't remember -- I lost my train of thought!

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